Divine Integration Healing


You Are a Living Sanctuary for t
he Divine

As you remember your Creator’s presence within, you reveal ever more of the love and light which you are!

girl walking reduced צנוע

“In my lifelong quest for meaning, this is the first time in which I feel Divine love 
surging in my heart and my pain is relieved.”  
Gloria, U.K.

“By the time the day of surgery approached, Haya said that the tumor was gone. I had the surgery as scheduled and a few days later, my doctor approached me in absolute shock. He reported that in the pathology report there was no evidence of cancer. He had no explanation for it. He had no way to understand it. I understood that this was a miracle from God. Haya was one of the messengers of God who helped achieve this miracle. I am forever grateful to her.”
Sara Cohen, R.N., M.A.

“My relationships have been transforming delightfully. There is no limit to blessing you bring to others through nurturing yourself unconditionally. Thank you, G-d! Thank you Haya for being with me.” Yael

Your true essence is a living sanctuary for the divine.

You may discover the divine life-force of self-healing love within every cell of your body and within every situation you encounter (situations reveal ever more of their essence as you uncover your true self within them!). Discover your authentic self through your sacred relationship with your Creator. Consciously participate with the divine in revealing the underlying ground of coherence and love in your life and in your world.

We sometimes need to remember who we really are.

G. was in the midst of a severe autoimmune attack. Within a short while her symptoms abated and she was looking and feeling radiant and healthy. She and every cell in her body were reminded in a deep meditative state of her true essence as a holy vessel for the indwelling unconditional love of the divine. Her family is so blessed!

This approach, which has help many around the world in recent decades transform their lives, is based upon deep understanding of the Torah commandment to choose life. From the profound personal and relationship transformations I am privileged to witness all the time, I conclude that a fountain of nurturing divine life-force is to be discovered within each of us.

You are here to gently reveal an underlying coherent state of kindness and divine cosmic integration. In service to God and mankind, you are created to consciously transform your world, one thought and action at a time. As you step up to your calling, the meaning in your life unfolds before you. The blessing you uniquely bring to your life, to your relationships and to your world flow forth as you persevere in trusting you are never alone in your task.

A Unique Generation of Consciousness: This generation is like no other. We are at the threshold of new frontiers in healing of all dimensions. Because we are anticipating the ultimate redemption, The Holy One, Blessed be He, has opened new pathways of the heart to our authentic selves.

We are summoned to participate with God, in revealing our truest, most nurturing underlying reality.

 Please join me in reaching inward to heaven. May you be heaven blessed,

Haya Baker        As Featured On EzineArticles

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  1. Esther Karasek

    I’d like to sign up for your articles/newletters, etc.
    Possibly also to meet you in Israel when I come for a visit in the Spring.

  2. Haya

    Dear Esther,
    Thank you for your comment.
    On my website there is a sign up form to register for my newsletter.
    If you need help signing up, let me know and I can do it for you.
    I don’t send a lot of newsletters so if you haven’t received a newsletter it is because I haven’t sent one recently.
    I will send a new one out soon, G-d willing, in the next couple of weeks.

    As much as I would love to meet with you, as a public figure, I get so many meeting requests from dear and wonderful people like you, that I need to set a limit to protect my family time. Perhaps we can talk on the phone or skype. I hope you understand.
    Much love and blessings, Haya

  3. michele bisnott

    Blessings…I have read many of the testimonies… i pray too that i will have a testimony as those… I long for that absolute ‘connection’, integration, actualization with my Creator… He knows . That deep within connection that once you actually “plug in” there can never be a disconnection ever again… Thanks for what you’re doing… guiding us into a deeper connection with our Creator so we can be absolutely wholesome, just like our Creator intended us to be…

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