Haya Baker (Winiarz), M.A.

Founder of Divine Integration Healing

Gate of Unity Facilitator

Viktor Frankl Institute certified, Logotherapy Educator

Haya Baker is the founder of Divine Integration Healing and a trailblazer in the field of conscious evolution.

With gratitude to the Master of the universe, Haya has  assisted thousands worldwide, for decades.

Haya specializes in connecting people (and even animals) to the flow of their own essential life force from the One who created us all, to catalyze dramatic, often miraculous healing.

In her private practice Haya routinely facilitates and teaches the client self-healing tools for simple to complex issues on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes.
After graduating with honors from Colombia University and then from NYU, Haya dedicated herself to developing and teaching her advanced approach to conscious transformation through prayer-based energy healing.

Her powerfully effective modality draws upon core principles of Quantum Physics, Logotherapy and Energy Psychology. Haya’s greatest inspiration comes from the divine mystical wisdom of the Torah as passed down through the ages by prophets and sages.

Haya evokes the innate divine capacity of the human soul to revive not only spiritually, but to heal and regenerate physically. Haya encourages conscious connection to one’s Source and creation of vessels for the ever increasing flow of divine love sustaining, nurturing and nourishing creation.

Haya gratefully resides in the hills of Jerusalem with her seven wonderful children and several blessed grandchildren.