Alzheimer’s Hope!


I was not willing to give up on my dear mother!

My mother had very advanced Alzheimer’s disease and was completely unresponsive to her environment. She was also plagued, by frequent seizures and raging systemic infections.

I began to intervene energetically, with God’s help, and my mother, over the next two years, regained the ability to turn towards us, to make clear eye contact with us and to communicate intelligently with the world outside herself by nodding yes/no. I had my mother back! She even stopped being plagued by seizures and infections and the nursing home staff were able to wean her off all medications for she was improving in leaps and bounds. A few years later, my mother passed away at the ripe old age of 81 having temporarily experienced better quality of life and a renewed connection with me. Had I started intervention earlier and had I known then what I know now, about nutritional approaches that have sometimes helped early dementia reversal, I could have helped my mother of blessed memory, even more!

Since then I have assisted countless others with many related and unrelated conditions (See my testimonials page). Especially if caught early, my experience is that at least in some cases, dementia may not be an unalterable decline.

“My husband, who had always been a bright witty, easygoing man, became increasingly confused and hard to reason with from the age of  about 68. I was frightened by his mental decline. After a few years I met Haya and  happened to tell her about Bernie’s distressing condition and I was pleased to learn that she had experience working with some Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers. Over the next half a year or so, my darling husband gradually came back to his old witty, gentle self. He and I are in our late 70’s now and Bernie’s mind is still almost as sharp as in his youth. We are now enjoying growing old together!” Marsha D.

Diane M.- “My mother has been much clearer headed since you started working on her condition. She is also much happier relatively speaking although she is still a complainer. Most remarkably, she takes initiative to care for herself in ways previously unimaginable. Today she exercised on her own without my coaxing her and she made herself lunch which she had not done for a long time. I think she is improving and it has only been a month. Thank you.”

“Dear Haya, I was skeptical about your distance healing but lo and behold my Lilian is doing much better. She still has some trouble articulating but for the most part she is repeating herself far less and she more often remembers what I tell her from one minute to the next. This is like turning back the clock 3 years. Keep up the good work for my Lilian who is coming back to me slowly but surely. Thanks for the phone support too.  Daniel C., Ohio.”

“Hi Haya, My father is getting gradually better. He sleeps much better and he is far less agitated which has been a lifesaver for my sanity. He makes sense more and he keeps himself  busy with books which means I can do my work with fewer distractions and be free to spend time with him sooner. As you know it is like caring for a super needy child but MUCH worse. I am less frustrated with him since you started helping him and that means a lot for my relationship with my Dad.”       Sandra L.

See many more reports of healing on my testimonials page.


The primary elements of Cognitive Care:

1) Divine Integration Healing energy evoked through prayerful silent mediation

2) Silent soul invitations to the person to reclaim the parts of his or her cognitive and emotional  intelligence step by step. A firmer coherent connection between mind and brain function, is established.

I recommend trying Cognitive Care Service for one month only in order to determine whether or not one’s loved one’s cognitive function may improve in light of the intervention.

If there is noticeable improvement you may choose to continue Cognitive Care longer term.

My work requires frequent feedback from the family to inform me about the details of client’s progress.

Please schedule Cognitive Care with Haya prior to purchase.

Cognitive Care Service-an entire month of daily intensive Divine Integration $680          Add to Cart

To inquire about this intensive distance healing service and to schedule a month of Cognitive Care for your loved one, please contact me through the email below and tell me you are interested in this service and I will try to get back to you within 72 hours or usually much sooner:

[email protected]

May you and your loved ones be heaven blessed,


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    post has been excellent and i have referred it to many of my friends. my honour for the work that you have done. thank you once again.

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