Haya Baker (Winiarz)  M.A.

Divine Integration Healing, Gate of Unity Facilitation, Logotherapy Education

To schedule private phone/skype sessions or to inquire about webinars you may reach me at:

[email protected]

1-718-618-5102 for callers from U.S. and Canada

050-8751613 for callers from Israel

If contacting me from outside U.S.,  Canada, or Israel, I will not be able to return your call by phone, so please email me instead at:

[email protected]


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  1. Sharon Gray

    Hi. Haya.
    I am listening to the replays of your talks with Shifra and thought I’d email you something I heard over the weekend about alzheimers/dementia.
    I watched an interview by Emilie Conrad (Continuum Movement) with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (The School for body-mind centering). Bonnie touched on Alzheimers when she spoke about a woman she assisted to make(or remake)a brain-cellular communication. This woman too found healing in this.
    wonderful work is being done by many on our planet……
    Sharon Gray

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