cropped-hand-בסד.jpgLiberate Your Light

Liberate Your Light is a profoundly simple process and yet, it incorporates powerful ancient Torah wisdom and cutting edge healing tools, resulting in a basic 4 step, body-mind process which is bringing people around the world home to their authentic selves and therefore, home to their very Source within. See special discount offer at


4 week online course $440 

321528_306243776062032_478522843_n_largeDivine Integration Empowerment course

Stop being a victim, start being a divine blessing! Learn how to be present for your inner calling to bless all aspects of your life and your world. Bring divine blessing to any situation! If you are ready to expand robustly into your untapped spiritual potential to transform your inner and outer world today, this may be the empowerment course for you!

4 week online course 1.5 hours a week, $690

Groups of 12 or more participants will receive 30% discount on course.


Divine Integration Healing and The Power of Listening

Listening to yourself, listening to others, even beyond the words, to the whispers of the heart…ultimately, hearing your heart, the heart of another, being listened to by G-D…becoming aware of the healing and transformation of listening to the still small voice from within.

2 meeting class 1.2 hours each. $400

Groups of 12 or more participants will receive 30% discount on course.


4124307611_76f64888fb_large (1)Divine Integration Healing Foundations course

Are you ready to discover your innate divine capacity to heal ?  Learn to practice presence with the divine to evoke healing transformation within your mind, body, and spirit.                                                           You will be surprised by the shift you may experience on all levels!

4 week online course, 2 hours a week, $800.

Groups of 12 or more participants will receive 30% discount on course.



kindness-elderly1_largeDivine Integration Healing intermediary level course

Help yourself and your loved ones (even from a distance) heal and thrive as you return to your authentic well being within, to your Source.

5 week course online 2 hours a week online $1000.

Groups of 12 or more participants will receive 30% discount on course.


tumblr_lffemiPa9I1qzyrwvo1_500_largeAdvanced Divine Integration Healing  certification training

For qualified graduates of all other courses.




tumblr_lkkmzv8zsH1qdbniuo1_400_largeUnique Home Spiritual Ecology Course

Learn principles of ancient wisdom to help heal your home environment through intention, prayer, mindfulness and other elegant tools.  Learn to fine tune your intention and entrusting your home to G-d to make your home’s energy inviting of blessings for you, your family and your guests. You have to believe it to see it!   Schedule to be determined as new groups form. 4 week course 1.5 hours a week online. $590.   Groups of 12 or more participants will receive 30% discount on course.                                                                                                   

Student Testimonials:
“Dear Haya,
I just wanted to share what happened today. A Gigong Master told me that I needed to get more flexibility in my hips to help open all the stuck energy in my pelvis. So I spent some time this morning doing this – then did some meditation. A little later I relistened to the first hour of your class and then decided to go for a walk.

I started the walk thinking about being present to what is and then noticed all the beauty around me, the smells, etc. Then what happend was –I was literally taken over and was being walked. At first my pelvis started moving up and down and I couldn’t remember ever feeling that type of movement before- then my pelvis started moving side to side and then went to walking like someone who had way too much to drink and then to walking very slowly. This happened over a period of 15 minutes and I literally had no control over it. It was so delightful that I gigglled at times.

Blessings to you – so enjoying the class. I now know what Shifra meant by the Haya effect.”

“Haya, this was so much fun! I really believe my fear of driving fast down a hill (there are so many hills in this country), is eased and maybe gone.I love the way you use your voice to do your healing work. Looking forward to next week. Love,” S

“Dear Haya,
I again gained so much from your teachings, yesterday! What a GIFT!
I immediately prayed to be completely recreated as a person who chose love, happiness,
and peace in Divine protection… in the mission of love and healing for others. Again I experienced spiritual ecstasy, releasing so much hardship.

I am eternally grateful you shared that profound Recreation prayer teaching, especially that we can use it to help our dear ones in the same way. Your scientific explanation helped make all
the possibilities so much more real. THANK YOU again:))

In new hope and comfort as I walk my life’s path,”

“Dear Haya,
Thank you and Bless you for your loving responses/prayers and Declarations!
I am so deeply touched by your lovingkindness.

“Thank you Haya
Your words began a chain reaction.
It started in my heart, for sure, which opened
the well of tears awaiting their release signaling
cue to voice outloud words of love. By myself, in
front of the computer…
May this feeling guide my days. I am grateful.
In light and love”

“The call with Haya Winiarz was like Hashem was literally kissing my soul. EVERYTHING resonated within me.” VL

“Good Evening Haya and all the beautiful people on the course Grateful to be able to be part of this community. God bless you all .” M

“Profound sense of being held and not having to explain self. Just soothed and safe. Very close and grateful to the Great Mother who holds me and never pushes me.” D

“I am already feeling surrounded by an ocean of love and caring.

The pressure is slosly going but most of all it feels so good to be taken care of. I feel like a carefree and happy child who feels free to play and laugh. Thank you all for having so lovingly held me.” M

“I had whole body tremoring and felt a lot of different sensations in the ankle from plsations to figure 8’s – it is no longer tender and will need to see how it does when I try to do a sitting meditation. Felt wonderful!” K

“dear Haya, The field has become more and more potent. The lovingkindness is palpable. Anointed! I went into a delicious healing sleep too. Blessings,” J

“That was a great course with so much loving energy flowing. I am grateful for the new technologies that allow us to communicate so easily from any part of the world. Thank you Haya and good night to all.”  M

“thank you for this wonderful immersion into Divine love”, D

“haya, I have a feeling of being held peacefully in divine space!…, TC…..thank you dear”

“Dear Haya,
My life is changing dramatically now, seriously – every day and in every way.
It’s almost as if the veil has lifted and I am more connected to Infinite Wisdom. I am feeling much more expanded, in the “flow” and truly am comprehending that All Is One…..I feel more peaceful.
Thank you, dear lady. My transformation is miraculous and I am deeply grateful.
Blessings be,” J

“I never knew my relationship with the Creator of the Universe could be so personal and so immediately transforming. The stuff we hear about in legends, is happening for me and in my relationships with my family!” Rachel Sharabi

“My stress and vision cleared up in minutes as my body mind and spirit were nourished as never before. The best part is that I can access this at any time!” Z. Medina

“You taught me to find the joy in my heart through turning to who I called ‘The Merciful One’ who’s mercy I never really experienced until now!” S. A.

“I have taken countless courses. Haya uniquely teaches from the heart of Divine Love!” Victoria H.

“My chronic pain is way way down. I now have soul- based stress reduction tools which connect me with the Divine at any time. I expect to heal completely.” Tara S.

“I now know that Heaven is conspiring to help me and you! Haya has a unique way of bringing this alive in the hearts of many.” Chris K.

“After decades of struggle I now have a clear path to inner peace.” Lucy S.

“Success I had all but given up on, is now materializing in my life thanks to Haya’s transformational teaching.” Holland K.

“I always had a hunch this is how the world really works. To Haya, and especially to God, thanks for the confirmation!” Paula B

“This is the first time in my years of private and professional searching in which I actually feel Divine love surging in my heart and my pain is gone.” Gloria, U.K.

“Haya taught me how to connect to Source through my own body any time of the day or night, to restore well-being and joy.” Joshua, U.K.

“You do not have to believe, just to allow. It is simple, intuitive, and it works! Connect to the natural love energy of your inner heart and melt away pain and stress patterns.” Sharon, N.Y.

“It is like being on a high speed connection, and the modem is your heart!  Learn how to raise your vibration to the highest love you can reach, and watch stress fall away!”            Ted, Long Island

“I am actually plugged into ultimate unconditional love through my own heart and it is pulsating through my veins and nourishing and energizing my body and soul back to health.” Donna

“For me, it is a new easy way of seeing and transforming my body, my relationships, my life, and my intimate relationship with the divine.” Claire

“Once you get it, no one can take it away! You can find your high speed love connection to the Divine at any time, and rediscover that you are a blessing from God!” Ted


“Haya is my beacon of light when i cannot find my way out of the darkness. She has helped me in my darkest moments of desperation, when I could not manage my emotional and physical pain. with Haya I feel heard and really cared for, supported and safe. Thank you, Haya, for being a blessing in my life. D.B.”


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    I read and use tarrot for healing for the past twenty years. I also heal through certain methods of energy. I also use prayer for healing and I believe in prayer. Would you teach me healing? if so would you give me a private course? What would be the cost.
    i was born in Caïro and I am sephardic. Unfortunately I know how to read hebrew but
    understand very little.
    I live in Geneva, Switzerland.
    Awaiting to hear from you.
    Best regards, Mory

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