Divine Integration


tumblr_l8gcjlqkgS1qd1utq_thumbDiscover your authentic self through the sacred intention of prayer.

“Intention is everything. The revival of intention is the revival of the

world.” Rabbi Abraham Yitzchak Hacohen Kook (1865-1935)


Mindfulness is characterized by calm awareness of what is, usually without trying to control what one is observing. This stance is a guard against stifling the healing situation. True influence is never control, but rather an allowing. If you find yourself bracing against the thought: “What if this does not work out the way I expect…” you have not let go of defined expectations. You never want to straitjacket reality into your definition of it and you most definitely want to leave maximum room for divine intervention in any situation especially in healing facilitation.

The most important aspect of mindfulness in my healing approach is that when you engage with another mindfully you are refraining from controlling the process by pulling back mentally and making room for another to be and to blossom within the love of God. You are actually engaging the omnipresent, omnipotent blessing of the divine in the in a most wondrous way just by pulling back control and actively giving the healing process unto God! When one does this in a mindset of amazement of quietly witnessing a miracle unfold and although externally not much changes immediately, know that much is shifting beneath the surface. Keep thinking and feeling-”An amazing soul is blossoming and flourishing into manifest well-being”. The more consistently one deeply, silently, honors the person and God’s hidden wonders for him/her, the sooner one finds that things have shifted for the better in many ways. In terms of silence, am referring to an internal silence: this does not denote that I am not speaking, as I am conveying much warmth and personalized guidance through the process; it denotes that I am holding back from controlling the healing as I remain in quiet amazement and honor for the individual before me or on the phone with me.

I practice using this approach not only in healing but in life. I love to apply these principles in any situation. One would ideally not pull back in wonderment and honor instead of doing the laundry or paying the bills or even exercising (although sometimes I wish God could do these things for me while I sit back in amazement!). I am actually describing an active pulling back, doing all you need to do in joy and confidence of trusting the path is being paved before you by the divine and that guidance along the way will be forth coming. In a situation in which you have already done all that you can do practically and yet things are not working out such as looking for that suitable job or attracting a soul mate, it is often helpful to get off the merry-go-round of obsessive trying and pull back into a quiet mindful sense of wonderment while you continue doing what you have to do to find that job or go on dates only this time from a content mindfulness that God is now taking over the work behind the scenes as you let go in wonderment and trust. Try this patiently, for a few weeks and have fun noticing what shows up in your life!

Mindfulness is wonderful after minor disappointments. Use your minor disappointments for amazing spiritual growth. Disappointments are the greatest spiritual gifts you will ever know if you use them wisely. There is much relaxation in actually being disappointed and then mindfully, in full awareness and respect for your feelings and the situation, truly letting go to accept the next better gift from God! This is identical on a soul level to the act of tensing all your muscles tightly and then relaxing them deeply again and again to go into a deep meditative state, only it is a wakeful, faithful meditation which you gently take into all your interactions. Practice this emotional letting go on minor disappointments and watch your mindfulness grow! Notice as you access a deep faith-fullness, a sublime letting go and letting God and a clearing of the energy space for an infinitely better revealing of good.

Making room for a better revealed good to emerge is the backbone of my healing work. Being mindful of what is includes a broad perspective. Do develop an attitude of gratitude for past, present and future help you or another was, is and will be receiving from God, even in just being alive if that is all the good which is evident at the moment. Start from there and allow the kernel of goodness and blessing to grow. Allow the thought of God’s blessing for you or another person to fill you with deep knowing that good can grow infinitely if mindfully allowed room to do so. Make sacred space for this to happen, like a spiritual womb in which one is healing and thriving, the cosmic ultimately nurturing womb within the mind of God.

Be in a space of gentle optimistic knowing of God’s love while at the same time, and this is the skill of a facilitator, you are fully present for feelings in the face of pain and suffering. God is fully with us in our suffering. Be in the knowing that now is a time for change in one’s life, change towards growth of what is good and meaningful in one’s life. Cultivate a petal softness about the healing that is about to happen. In this spirit be present to what is, how one feels. Encourage as much acceptance of feelings as possible. I enjoy inviting a person into God’s soft embrace or petal soft love and compassion. Observe what happens as she/he gently yields to God’s unconditional acceptance and love.

This approach, which has helped many around the world in recent decades to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually, is based upon deep understanding of the Torah commandment to choose life. From the profound healings and personal transformations I am privileged to witness all the time, I conclude that the divine life-force is found deep within each of us.

Through profound recalling of your essence as a living tabernacle for the indwelling of God’s holy Shechina in this world, you may realize the divine life-force of self-healing and regeneration from within every cell of your body and within every situation you encounter (yes, situations too are subject to healing!).

You are here to gently and mindfully reveal an underlying coherent state of kindness and divine cosmic integration. In service to God and mankind, you are created to consciously transform your world, one thought and action at a time. As you step up to your calling, the meaning in your life will unfold before you. Trust, joy, well-being, and abundance come to the fore as you persevere in trusting in the divine nurture of life.

We Are A Unique Generation of Consciousness. This generation is like no other. We are at the threshold of new frontiers in healing of all dimensions. Because we are anticipating the ultimate redemption, The Holy One, Blessed be He, has opened new pathways of the heart to our authentic selves.

We are summoned to participate with God in revealing an infinitely better underlying reality. Please join me in reaching out to heaven.  May you be heaven blessed!


Haya Baker Winiarz

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    I love what I just read…the words convey exactly how I feel, & how I
    would like to be seen by others…..exuding this energy wherever I go.
    Barbara Kerns

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