Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the difference between counseling and your approach to healing?

A: As a practitioner of both counseling and healing, I believe the difference between conventional counseling and the Divine Integration Healing approach, is in the scope of the intention. I in fact combine the two so that as counseling is administered, I and the client are plugging into an infinitely broader scope of divinely administered healing. We invite the revelation of more and more layers of innate well-being, wholeness, and connectedness to divine will, all the way down to the very cells of the body, as we speak, pray and meditate.

Q: Does your approach to healing trauma entail any danger of retraumatization?

A: Divine Integration Healing safeguards against retraumatization by healing trauma indirectly in a pleasant, safe mode.

Q: How do you avoid creating a dependence of the client upon the practitioner ?

A: The practitioner of my approach is in fact, a teacher of self healing tools for the client. Often, by the second or third session, depending of course upon the severity and complexity of the condition, I am encouraging the client to take the lead in choosing what consciousness tools suit them next. I also encourage the client to identify what aspect of their condition is presenting itself for healing and transformation in any given moment and they learn to track subtle shifts in consciousness as they pray, intend and allow self-healing to occur.

Q: How long does a typical healing process take?

A: Duration of treatment is individual to the case involved. Surprisingly, it is not necessarily the severity of the condition which determines the length of time required for healing, but the complexity of the underlying undermining personal beliefs. Sometimes a mild condition may require months of healing work while occasionally a serious case of cancer is cleared up in a mere three weeks (see testimonials). I once worked with a 26 year old woman who had suffered severe chronic U.T.I. infections for thirteen years. After one fascinating phone session they were gone. On the other hand, a particular condition may improve slowly over months until the emotional underpinnings are all honored and transformed into what they are becoming. The client is the one who determines when we are finished. She/he will arrive at a recognizable freedom of being.

Q: Can you guarantee a healing?

A: As a mere human being I cannot guarantee healing. I can commit to dedicating my love, prayer and consciousness to help the client. I am but a catalyst and a coach. God is the healer.

Q: Can you describe a recent healing progression?

A: A European woman approached me for help with a stubborn case of panic attacks, general anxiety and insomnia which was not alleviated by counseling or medication. She was coached through a process of  deep honor and compassion for her thoughts and feelings while introducing the element of divine healing of the underlying trauma, one level of anxiety at a time, without directly revisiting the trauma at all! After one pleasant hour she reported feeling much better and during the following week she suffered absolutely no panic attacks, hardly any insomnia and a 40% reduction in general anxiety levels. After a second pleasant session, she reported: ”I feel like a new person.” She was taught self-healing, prayer and consciousness tools she could use on her own for any future minor emotional challenges.


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