“Hayom Harat Olam”



file000244711834Rosh Hashanah is the annual renewal of all creation, as we say in our prayers”Hayom Harat Olam” – Today is the birth of the world.

According to the holy Ari z”l, on Rosh Hashanah, the world is literally reborn.
Every year on this day, the inner dimensions of the Divine light which
empowered the last year, are withdrawn back into the feminine Bina aspect,
the womb of Divine love whence it originated.
The inner Divine light then seamlessly emanates anew with the blast of the Shofar
into a world awaiting it’s own cosmic rebirth.

The hush I sense as I light the candles of Rosh Hashanah, is like a sublime moment
of anticipation prior to the first breath of a newborn baby.
As we sound the Shofar, the entire cosmos inhales a fresh breath of Divine influx
and then exhales new life into manifestation.

This holy day brings the promise of a new dawn, a fresh start,
regardless of what preceded.

May this year be one of openness to your innermost calling,
to live and breathe the unique expression of Divine love you are

May you and yours be inscribed for a sweet New Year, Shana Tova,


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